Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama Tumi Buro Hole Keno - Part 1

" I scream/ You scream/ We all scream/ For ice cream"

So, isn't it better to scream together? Maybe you like the Vanilla, she likes chocolate and I prefer strawberry, but screaming together, you know, well you actually know what screaming together really means. Since we all go to the college named Ogiwawa, I believe one day we'll know to make the awful noise together. Confused? Use Google.
See, life's so easy and we still don't have a payment gateway!

If you don't know what the title means it's actually a dialogue from the last sequence of Subarnarekha aka The Golden Thread (1965) by Ritwik Ghatak. I find this line to be the most suitable title for this post and the previous post could have been titled "Dada, Ami Bnachte Chai" [Ref: Needed? Really? Google]. Sourav Ganguly probably just said good-bye to cricket yesterday. Now, what can we do? We can curse these franchises and sigh recalling that 183 or that debut at the Lord's. Basically that's all that we Bengalees always do and our list goes long from Subhashchandra Bose to Sourav Ganguly. But, how did we contribute really to our society? I believe, it's nothing but the hard work that was required to build up such a long list.
Bravo Tigers, that's why you are the national animal of India!

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine". So, I was not cursing you really. I was just adding some popular tags to this post so that this blog gets noticed. The word must get spread, you know, however possible. This new strategy is certainly better than supplying girls to film producers. You know about this project and you have not donated even as minimum as one rupee till date, how can you expect that people who never heard about it would donate. This is the basic reason I used words like Anurag Kashyap, SRK, Bollywood and DLF IPL in the previous post.
Did you guess it earlier?
Congratulations! Since you had guessed it before I said, you can now go forward and donate more than 10,000 to our film. Yes, finally someone listed his name in the slab, INR 10,000, the highest amount of donation from an individual till date. We just received it 24 hours ago. Still, this remains the One Rupee Film Project. Don't hesitate, come forward and contribute whatever you can. The first thing you need is to think. "Vabo, Vaba Practice Karo" (Well, Ghatak Again). Once you have read your thought-process, consolidate. Organize. No, I'm not asking you to become a Maoist, it's just how we all can scream together for that ice cream in that opening quotation. Crowdfunding, as we look at it, follows the basic from-the-mass-to-the-mass structure. You don't even need a promotional budget if you work hard and penetrate enough. Now, why should you help us? --- Well, there is no reason, No one should help anyone. Let all the starving people die, we know, they are going to heaven. Forget youthfulness, forget activism and find you voice in your passivity. Someday, your true friend death will be there to hug you because she knows, you've been dead long enough. What a great life! "I Die"--- this will be your final statement, just perfect, like a rhyme! People would say "He/She died" and no one would say "He/She Lived". Does it make a difference to you? Absolutely no.

Jai Shri Ramachandra Muhammad Rasulallah May God Bless You Jo Bole So Nihal and Jay Hind to Conclude!!

The 2nd part of this post will be up shortly