This is the general structure. Go through it carefully. Please send the information required to


Rs. 1 

Slab 1
. All updates while the film is in production or post-production via email. Online edition of the completed movie.

Rs. 501

Slab 2. Movie DVD (so do send your address). Everything in slab 1

Rs. 1,001

Slab 3
. Special thanks in the end credits of the film. Autographed poster of the film by the cast. Everything in the slabs above

Rs. 2,001

Slab 4
. A personal thank you letter from the director, with a quick brief about movie's story before the release. Movie's album with 10 production stills. Everything in the slabs above

Rs. 5,001

Slab 5
. Your story is different, you will be welcome on the shoot for a day. You'll be our guest. (Sorry that we won't be able to take care of your travel expenses). Everything in the slabs above

Rs. 10,001

Slab 6
. Honorary Associate Producer Credit in the movie and everythingin the slabs above

Rs. 20,001

Slabs 7.
Honorary Producer Credit in the movie and everything in the slabs above

Rs. 25,001

Slab 8.
Exciting part for you is that you can get to play a role in the movie (to be decided by us and depending on your acting abilities) and everything in the slabs above

See, these are the promises and also, these are the baits for raising funds. Don't feel bad if you see that you are missing out something attractive just because you don't have enough money. I know what money is. I've seen such days... I'll tell you later... We didn't mean to hurt you. You can feel free to contribute any amount and ask me for the favour or You can feel  free and contribute without any demand as well. Most importantly share the word with others. Bring more contributors and you may get a surprise gift from us.