Thursday, March 14, 2013

Idiots' Confessions

A whole year has passed, 382 days to be exact. We could raise only 1,69,587 rupees of which 12,482 rupees had been spent on commissions of our online fundraising partners. So, we were left with 1,57,105 rupees to spend for the film. Our pledge was not much. All we needed was 2,50,000 rupees for the film to materialize. After 382 days of work, we have 1324 people on our FB page but only around 160 of them are contributors. Even among these 160, there are people who could easily chip in 500 rupees at least but being led by misunderstanding all they contributed was just 1 rupee. Of course not to forget people who forgot the promises they made (you know, next month when I get the paycheck, I will... types). Some of our friends sent us 500 and said they would be happy to send in another 5000 if they get the assurance that the film is really going to happen. Well, 40% of the shooting part is over, but this trivial fact could not win over their doubtful minds. Some of our beloved friends often show up on social networks (and even in real life) asking, "hey, how's the project going"(?). Dear friend, if you are so concerned about this project what stopped you from contributing 1000, 100, 10 or even as minimum as 1 rupee? Do you really care? When you tell us you believe that we are doing something path-breaking and it will inspire a lot of others, we sincerely doubt your honesty.

In the month of May, 2012, we stopped posting frequently on this blog because we got the feeling that it's not working. The heap of words are not convincing enough. The realization was true, now we are assured as Google shows us that we have 6,993 page views since the creation of this blog and that does not change the fact that we have only around 160 people who have contributed to the film financially. Here's how we got them. The amount of individual contributions are not mentioned just for the sake of privacy. 

[1,12,974.51 INR Raised]

1.      S N Nanda
2.      Rajiv Sinha
3.      Carole
4.      Kanungo
5.      Swagat Sen
6.      D.K Sornam
7.      Dev Daruka
8.      Surya Shankar Dash
9.      Maharatna Banerjee
10.  Dhrubaa Ghosh
11.  Bagula Bhagat
12.  Hemant Kumar Gaba
13.  Samarendra Das
14.  Gurpal Singh
15.  Whose handwritings are not readable (3)
16.  People who forgot to drop a mail (12-15)
17.  Riddhiman Basu
18.  Ritam Bhaumik
19.  Two Unknown Foreigners
20.  Avishek Thakur
21.  Ginnetta Correlli
22.  Jason Marsh
23.  Kanchan Sengupta
24.  Sayan Chakraborty
25.  Shamayita Banerjee
26.  Apratim Ganguly
27.  Ajasra Das
28.  Manju Chakraborty
29.  Kamal Kumar Roy
30.  Monomita Roy
31.  Shubhankar Mazumdar
32.  Debdut Sadhu
33.  Supratim Sanyal
34.  Tushar Sarkar
35.  Anirban Roychowdhury
36.  Gairik Roy
37.  Sunando Patra
38.  Nishan Chatterjee
39.  Kumar Chitrang
40.  Tuhin Mallik
41.  Soumyaditya Nanda
42.  Moumita Chakraborty Goswami
43.  Sushanta Kar
44.  Sonali Sengupta
45.  Suddha Prasad Bagchi
46.  Gangotryi Sorcar
47.  Achintyarup Ray
48.  Ceaser Mandal
49.  Soumya Maiti
50.  Atish Baul
51.  Justin Andrews
52.  Joydeep Thakur
53.  Avijit Ghoshal
54.  Debajyoti Guha
55.  Mrinal Mazumdar
56.  Anirban Dashgupta
57.  Debajyoti Mukherjee
58.  Sanjoy Sinharoy
59.  Saptarshi Dey
60.  Mr. Dasgupta
61.  Maifuz Ali
62.  Koustav Bhattacharya
63.  Mrinmoy Chatterjee
64.  Ugen Bhutia
65.  Shre Kumar Chatterjee
66.  Gautam Kar
67.  Sumit Bhattacharya
68.  Nilabhra Banerjee
69.  Amik Das
70.  Argha Sen
71.  Ipsita Palbhowmick
72.  Maj Gaurav Garg
73.  Two old LFEBF members
74.  Arpan Chowdhury
75.  Nabendu Bhattacharya
76.  Ranjan Roy
77.  Subrata Mukherjee
78.  Ramakrishna Bhattacharya
79.  Anirban Bandopadhyay
80.  Debanjan Das
81.  Anirban Chattopadhyay
82.  Parambrata Chatterjee
83.  Abhinandan Ghose
84.  Anisha Das
85.  Anonymous
86.  Indrani Datta
87.  Subir Kumar Sengupta
88.  Soma Sengupta
89.  Abhijay Sengupta
90.  Samran Huda
91.  Deva Agarwal
92.  Dinu Bandopadhyay


[54, 017 INR Raised | 43, 601.77 INR Received]

1.   Sreemanti Sengupta
2.   Ms Dasgupta
3.   Siddhartha Nath
4.   Anindya Bose
5.   Mukherjee Twish
6.   Amiya Kumar
7.   Bipad Bhanjan Behera
8.   Antara Kundu
9.   Avishek Nag
10. Indranil Ghosh
11. Somak Dutta
12. Saswata Chakraborty
13. Rupa Debnath
14. Soumya Bhattacharya
15. Snigdha Sheel
16. Sabyasachi Das
17. Adheesh Verma
18. Neeti Tandon
19. Aroonav Das
20. Ankush Hore
21. Neha Bhat
22. Koushik Bagchi
23. Tarang Desai
24. Rijabrata Chakraborty
25. Samyamoy Sen Gupta
26. Somnath Roy
27. Sounak Kar
28. Rammohan
29. Manas Tarai
30. Aniket Mukherjee
31. Shounak Ghoshal
32. Supriyo Das
33. Soham Pal
34. Ankan Paul
35. Bikramjit Chakraborty
36. Atma Prakash Mishra
37. Amir Motlagh
38. Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
39. Varsha Chakraborty
40. Tuhin Subhra Sinha
41. Ugenther Kumar
42. K V Krishna Rao
43. Arnab Ganguly
44. Rohosen Bandopadhyay
45. Riccardo Bella
46. K V Srinivasan
47. Kannaiah C H
48. Sanhita Modak
49. Ushnish

Via IndieGoGo

[2, 595.84 INR Raised | 529.02 INR Received]

  1. Salil Biswas
  2. Tushnik Chowdhury
  3. Soumen Atta


1,69,587.35 INR Raised | 1,57,105.30 INR Received
Commissions and Set-up fees: INR 12, 482.05

So, "hey, how's the project going", "how and when are you planning to release this film", "when is it going to happen" --- to all these questions we have only one answer. It's not going to happen automatically. We never said that we would make it happen. What we said was "Share, Donate, Make it Happen". So, it depends on you actually --- how shall it happen, how shall it reach the people or whether it shall happen at all. 

If you really care, if you really feel for it, make us include your name in the list posted above. We still need another 80,000 rupees. It's a 90 minute long film divided into 20 sequences with 16 characters and around 15 extras, shot in 4 different places. Just consider the cost of food and transport and tell us, are we asking too much (2.5 lacs)?

We had to stop the campaign in October, 2012 because the team is small. We can't keep on asking or trying to convince one person the Nth time for contributing 100 rupees. No, we cannot go and meet you for collecting 500 rupees. We have a whole film to make. You don't have the time to volunteer, we know that, you have your own life and you cannot really spend much time on spreading the word in favour of us. But you have our bank a/c details, you have our Paypal details. You can at least do your bit and add some value to your support, a value that counts.