Thursday, August 9, 2012

In memory of Swagat Sen

On the evening of 25th February, 2012, when we just started asking people to back our project financially, we came across a woman in front of Screen One. When we approached her she turned around and called a man in a low voice. The man was talking to someone else. He just turned his face and said calmly, "Go on, give them". The woman handed over a Rs. 500 note to us. We were overwhelmed. Till that time we never really expected such an amount of contribution from anyone. We didn't even know them personally and it was only the 5th time we approached someone. As soon as the conversation was over the man turned to us and said "Ya, you guys. Keep it up. Let this festival be over, I'll contact you." This act of generousity had really encouraged us to move on. It was a kind of assurance that we were doing the right thing. "Your email id please sir", we asked. "Yes, email id, write down", he said, ""

Sadly, he'll never contact us again. Mr. Swagat Sen has passed away on the night of 5th August, 2012. He was there when we needed it the most. He didn't even know us, but did something that we can never forget. It was a pat on the back, something everyone expects from someone elder. Later we came to know he was a co-founder of the BYOFF and the guy who gave the festival its name. May his soul rest in peace.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Two posts directly from Facebook

As you all know, we need to raise another 150k by the beginning of September. If 941 people chip in even 100 rupees each that'll make it 94.1k
And a contribution of 200 per head means we'll leave behind the minimum requirement by 38.2k
You can do this much for sure. But, do you really wish to stand by?
Rs. 1,50,000
= 750 people X 200 rupees
or 300 people X 500 rupees
or 150 people X 1000 rupees
We can make it happen if you can be generous and stand by for real...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Shortest Blogpost on Earth

We have raised more than 100 grands till date from more than 100 contributors. We still need to raise another 150 grands in less than one month for our film.
Now, do we sleep all day?
Yes, we do
and Thank you

P.S: Every 2nd person you see is a shameless liar. Stay alert!