Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Test Tube Baby!

A lot of people might like a good news, but only a few step forward and make them!


The fundraising campaign is successful.
We have finally raised every penny we needed.
Probably this was the biggest fundraising campaign ever for a film in terms of duration.
474 Days! 25th February, 2012 - 15th June, 2013
3 online platforms! Wishberry, Indiegogo, Funduzz!
INR 2,01,171.51 collected offline!
Total amount INR 2,86,535.35 raised from more than 200 people!

Now, you won't look at it the same way you used to. Would you?
You, who kept watching silently
You, who never thought it's really going to happen
You, who never thought a film can be produced this way for real
You, who never stepped forward to join hands
Yesterday you were somebody
We kept on appealing to your deaf ears
From now on, you are dead

whom this blogpost addresses
don't even exist for this writer or this blog from today

This is the last time we mentioned You!


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