Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nothing to lose but your head...

It seems so easy when I utter these words. But the head, as is put in the sentence; is it really that much insignificant? The head has not become what it is now in a day. The head is the observer as well as the standpoint. The head is the position of the eye and also the eye itself. It's not that easy to lose your head just for nothing, especially, when you know that it's a doggy dog world. People, who feel inferior, would keep pulling you down and people, who are evidently in a better position, would use every trick so that the distance between you two remains the same. Now the head is your only pal to be banged against every wall. Can you Break? Can You break?

This post has nothing to do with Osho and it has nothing  to do with anything in the world. So you can go and watch DLF IPL in spite of reading this damn blog! The 2nd part of the novella should be up on Madaboutmoviez on the 14th, the day the camera starts rolling. Thanks!

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