Monday, February 20, 2012

Beginning Post

I just booked the domain to start the campaign. Will keep posting here whenever I have something interesting to share. I'm Anamitra Roy, one of the founder members and the curator of Little Fish Eat Big Fish (The No-Budget Filmmakers' Forum). I just needed to start this blog ASAP so that when I approach you tomorrow I have at least a blog on this project to share with you. The concept is like this: You give me a coin and I give you a paper with my contact and all so that you don't think I will smoke your money away like anything. I know what money is. I made my first short "Jean-Luc Godard Had No Script" back in 2009-10 for Rs 1k. The next that followed was Secret Footage_The Voyage, a 40 minute segment for Rs. 5k and in 2012 I've completed another short named 'Memories...of a Dead Township' for just no money, literally. It's not a style, it's a reality. If I had money, I guess I won't have become a no-budget filmmaker.

I expect your support through the campaign and the production.
And I hope you can trust me.



  1. I know this person from the Beginning OF LFEBF and his efforts are really means a lot on behalf of spreading of culture related with No Budget Film Making. this is the time when common people can indulge themselves on artistic ventures. today modern equipment and technology is so easy available that people often get fun from it so easily..but just worthless narcotic fun stupefied by it's glittering features .. come on!! when a technology allows you speak life(not larger than it-people often use this phrase because of the Giant movie makers made their movies but i think it should exactly be like life you face ..we face..) your imaginations and innovations at your palm what are you waiting for ?? even money .. ahh !! the most essential thing in life..but do we think how we spend it?? do we can see the loopholes from where it goes back to it's creator ? NO! we just buy security, pseudo security to be precise..someone tries to portray life in megapixels and saying your own words..One circle made of metal can be spend for that .. don't you think? as well take this as buying viewership,take this as buying a space for the opinion so that it can be huge and motivate others too .. people can spend time ( the most precious one!!) for seeing movies and think they are happy but what about making a FILM? i do think maker is the extended part of viewership , so be a maker ... No BUDGET allows you to be free from all institutionalized, discipline oriented, certificate free venture where you can be a part of those who are not believe in silently go with the tide..rather they go against it.. it is not a help appeal ..but it is participation .. i am with it ..are you??

    1. Thanks for all your faith and love Debarghya. I appreciate the passionate approach of your comment. Can you raise some funds from your friend/relative circle on my behalf?